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Dec 10, 2012 3:00am PST
. >> are we greece? >> our politics are becoming as dysfunctional as greece. i mean, we're not greece, but if you look at what businessmen say about why they're not investing in the u.s., they will often give dysfunctional politics in washington as the top answer. it's not even tax rates that people are concerned about. it's just getting a deal, getting people aligned. >> we're going to roll some tape, but i just wanted to ask you quickly, last week your sort of advice to republicans was don't cave, compromise. >> right. >> so this week, given what we've seen so far, we see these one-on-one negotiations taking place, what do you think the best strategy on the part of the republicans is? >> don't cave. compromise. you're not going to get 35%. you're just not going to. you're not going to. the economy will go up in flames. you're just not going to get 35%. the president needs to understand he's not going to get 39.6%. if i were sitting in the house and the president asked me to go four, five percentage points up on tax rates right now, i wouldn't do it. i just wouldn't do it. so if it ends a
Dec 31, 2012 5:00am PST
is $15,000 per person higher than it is in greece. so, we're not far from that position, and what we have to have is some realistic leadership that says let's think long term. everybody's going to have to sacrifice. there's not a problem we can't solve if we all work together, and we can do it, but everybody's going to have to have some pain. but let's think about the long term. let's quick thinking about the republican or democrat party. let's start thinking about the country. >> yeah. >> and that's what we're not seeing in leadership. >> michael -- >> everybody wants their own advantage, and so you hear all these sharp words coming out of different politicians about how bad the last guy is. what we ought to say is let's get the process moving. let's put it on the floor. why didn't we put -- you know, we wanted to put simpson/bowles on the floor. >> thank you. >> i want to see that. >> couldn't get it. >> michael, i know you're next. hold on one second, though. tom, senator, if the president showed up on capitol hill and rolled up his sleeves, would that make a difference? >> well,
Dec 11, 2012 3:00am PST
us from becoming greece. >> okay. there we go. some advice there for the president. >>> here with us now former white house counselor for president bush. ceo of the consulting firm, hill and milton strategies. dan bartlett back at the table. good to have you this morning. a couple must reads to look at. >> you can ask a question if i can ask rattner a question. you go first. >> when are you going to man up? what happened, man? we republicans, we used to drive liberals crazy. we'd win elections we shouldn't win. we would steal senate seats we should never steal. we would shock -- they never saw it coming. willie geist talked about the morning after the 2004 election, you had liberals on the upper west sidewalking around like zombies. some of them walked straight into the hudson river. that doesn't happen. we're not the smart party, we're the stupid party. what happened? >> well, there's that. >> what happened in '12? how did we perform so badly? is it our tactics? >> well, the primary process obviously didn't help us when we had such a crowded field. we couldn't rally around a cand
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)